FAQ | The Self Prophet Journal


How often should I use my journal?

As much as you like! However, if you would like to reap the full benefits of journalling we suggest you make it a daily habit to put pen to paper with the Self Prophet.

Begin small: for example set an intention to journal for five minutes a day every day for 30 days. By doing this, you will be on your way to making journal writing a habit and reaping the benefits daily.

When is the ideal time of day for journalling?

This is up to you! We suggest you choose a regular time each day when you can connect with your self, undisturbed. As soon as you wake or just before bed are good options. You may even like to incorporate your journalling into your daily routine by following the ideas of Morning Pages or The Miracle Morning. Alternatively, you may choose to pickup your Self Prophet journal at times of the day you feel inspired or have some quiet time alone.

Can I collect my order if I am local?

Yes, we are happy to arrange for you to collect your order if you are in Perth, Western Australia. Please use discount code LOCALPICKUP at the checkout to exclude shipping. Once your order is made, please email us to arrange collection.

Alternatively we are stocked at the following retailers: 

- Planet Books, Mount Lawley WA

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, we would like to offer a discount of 10% off your order when you purchase 10 or more journals. In the past, customers have chosen the Self Prophet as a meaningful gift for their staff and coaching clients - just to name a few. Please enter discount code BULK10 at the checkout.